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Reliable Jewelry Repair in St. Ann, MO

When it comes to the jewelry in your collection, it’s a story of priceless items marking special occasions or the occasional self-gift you deserved to buy. However, most jewelry wearers know that disuse or constant wear can cause breakage, chips, and discoloration. You have two options: have them repaired or sell them for cash. St. Louis Gold Buyers & Jewelry Center offers highly reliable prices for your collections and services for jewelry repair in St. Ann, MO. Use our mail-in service for the most efficient service.



Mail-In Service

We want to ensure you have access to the best repairs at any point and time, especially when face-to-face transactions are more sensitive. Here are the steps to follow so you can send in your items:

  1. Request An Appraisal Kit: Free At No Cost To You
  2. Package Items to be Sent: We Send Bubble Wrap, Envelopes, and Boxes for You
  3. How to Get Paid: Offer Will Be Made Via Email, Reply To The Email, And Accept Our Offer

Why You Should Sell To Us

We have a proven high payout for your precious items, so you can feel confident in selling to us. Our experience extends over more than 30 years, so we are always aware of gold prices and have a highly specialized team for watch repair and repairing jewelry. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


How to Package Your ITEMS for Shipment